HYPERLEXIA or is it?

Actual Hyperlexia (if it exists) Experience

from online group of adult autistic researchers who research autism

Updated 11.01.23


Oft mistaken for dyslexia.

It's never just about reading…

Seems to be about semantic processing, the meaning of things. May be to do with Gestalt Thinking/Processing - comprehending the whole before articulating the detail.


- being verbally articulate (beyond 'norm') and use speech to process thought. Is it autistic cognition with a need for dialog?

- reads by prediction using sense of language, so edits the text into 'better' choices of word - read accuracy may be impaired but only in some situations. "my child is acquiring human language and mark making invention known as reading, so they predicted the word based on first letter and the word they chose is a more sophisticated synonym. It's grammatically correct but not accurate."

- intrinsically interprets text: no sense that it has its own meaning to decode but rather it's a text-reader co-production of meaning. Related to 'autonomy', as in Persistent Drive for Autonomy (PDA) or just the 'auto' of aut-ism or the sense of defined self schild had before neuro-tickablity training prevails.

-Having a sort of linguistic sense so you can acquire words and meanings easily or adapt language into new meanings.

-excellent at word play and associative meaning, tangentalism and joyful multi connectivity.

-we sense/know words but can’t necessarily define them upon command. May be able touse them accurately in a sentence and/or have a sense of what they mean.

- may have relationship with words - love and hate, betrayal etc experienced in relation to them. Intrinsic sense of interrelationship with meaning and all things. "in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god" etc.

Editors connection:

"In the very center of Genesis 1:1, (“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth”) is a word that is considered an object marker, a word particle that is not translated. Although not translated, this word helps us understand how to translate another word. This “hidden word” consists of the first and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph and Tav. Is it possible that John the Apostle is playing on this hidden word? He might be."

Source: https://sharperiron.org/article/logos-midrash-john-11-4


Orthodoxy/imperialism of linear learning - you must learn A then B to know C. When we can sense C already, but need to self articulate A and B into position.

School don't teach correct processing - speed of thought and mass of stimulation set off by thoughts maybe.

Understimulation (boredom), ideas in the text need to be at level of complexity that matches understanding.

Excitement makes us associate and breath quicker, a tidal wave of info hits. This requires processing, via speech/movement/writing etc.

Imperialism of standardised spelling. The injustice is a physical barrier to some of us learning/using these rules. We can sense the desire to categorised humans as good/bad according to an arbitrary invented system. Bug problem in English because of history of language and social power.

Phonological blindnesses and/or auditory processing with gestalt thinking. Needs to be further articulated.

Lack of organizational techniques given to deal with complexity of gestalt thinking. "if you are dealing with this much glorious detail about the world you need a butler and a PA."

We sense/know words but can’t necessarily define them upon command. May be able touse them accurately in a sentence and/or have a sense of what they mean.

critical question: dyslexia, like adhd, are productivity culture / white supremacy distinctions that the art attempts to understand/use differing cognitive/communicative experience? Consider problem of Irlan Syndrome misidentified as dyslexia instead of autistic.

(More to be added once editor is rested.)