I work on articulation with purpose and process led people. My clients are individuals and organisations across many sectors including health, art and science. I work on projects and as an ongoing advisor.

The work we do together starts with structures such as:

- defining purpose and values,

- articulating concepts and ideas,

- choosing and codifying strategies,

- identifying and understanding your processes.

You might use the structural work as the basis for doing the public communications yourself/in house. Or, we can work together on anything from naming your entity to crafting a biography, updating your website or developing new materials.

My articulation practise is focused on your purpose and your language. I use my neurodivergent culture of curiosity beyond social convention to ask questions others don't ask. We will stimulate thinking that there's little space for neurotypicaly. The words we capture and use will be from you and your organisation.

My purpose comes out of my disability and my neurodivergence. I know the profound loneliness of inarticulation and the sacred joy of connection through language. 

My experience spans 25 years in the purpose led sector, profit led sector and government bodies in England, South East Asia and Amsterdam. I've been in managerial roles in large organisations, senior management in smaller companies and been self employed.

Work I've done