Biography (n.) - Greek biographia "description of life", from Greek bios "life" (from PIE root *gwei- "to live") + graphia "record, account"


It probably needs re-writing or you can't get started. It never sounds quite right, is it too arrogant, too apologetic? Bios are hard to write. Like most things, they're easier with good company and a method that fits your ways of working. Join a biography workshop to give your "life record" some attention.

What we'll do:

  • learn how to look at our experience beyond the internalised noise of the world and its judgements,

  • get a real sense of the experience we have and how we operate from it every day,

  • find the narratives that are missing, unclear or overruled.

Who's going to be there?

I'd like to see a group of folks from different social locations: the manager of a shop, a doctor, an artist, a graduating student, a retiring legal clerk, a judge, a graphic designer. The role doesn't really matter - we would come together around the topic and the appeal of this way of working.

I'm not creative - I'm a engineer/lawyer/doctor etc.

Your experience already happened, and with the right time and space you can write about it. Creativity does not belong to some humans and not others, that's a bit of a trick our culture tries to pull on you. I know that you can tell me your experiences, and you can tell me what's important about them and what meaning they have. Let's do that.

I can't write - I'm a picture person.

The focus will be articulation - so you can speak your words, you can use a collage of photos, you can sketch. I will help you convert this into written words if you need them. Or, you can use the time to develop an audio or visual bio.

I'm neurodivergent - there's lots of barriers for me to joining group learning

Yeah, me too. I'm curious what you would need to join. I am still finding out what works for me, If you're still working it out we can talk about this.